Team Managers information needed to be downloaded

  1. Each Game(between two Clubs) is required to have a Game Result Sheet filled out in all details so that matches(between two players) can be entered,tallied,signed and then sent to the Captain. This sheet,found under FORMS, will not be accepted if photographed then sent using a device other than a proper scanner. It must be scanned and sent in A4 format where possible.The order of play in matches for the Division Rounds will be 8 & 7, 6 & 5, 4 & 3, 2 & 1. This order will be reversed when the Finals take place. The winner and runner up of each Division will then play in the Finals, which is a seeded Knockout event until one team remains undefeated in the 5 Knockout Rounds. This team will then be rewarded with the title of Super Senior Pennant Champion Club for 2020. Previous Final Result sheets are available under RESULTS.

2. Under RESULTS is the 2020 Division Result Sheet. This item shows the progress of all

teams in the 9 Divisions and is updated weekly. The 2019 Division Result Sheet is

available under RESULTS also.All Divisions will finish in the same week , that is, w/c

14th September and the 1st round of the Finals will take place w/c 21st September with

teams who have finished 16th and 17th playing one another, together with teams who

have finished 15th and 18th playing one another. The winners of these two games will

enter the last 16, to be played in week commencing 28th September. All finals matches

will be played on Neutral courses. Could all Team Managers inform their players of

these Rules of Play. A complete set of Rules of Play and Host Club Official's Duties

can be found under RULES.

3. Some clubs have limited number of carts available and sometimes if social players

precede a Super Senior game there may be insufficient carts available. It is the

responsibility of all Team Managers to book carts as early as possible to ensure their

players have the choice of using a cart.

Keep in touch with the NOTICE BOARD throughout the Pennant as it is the most

effective means of communication that we have.

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