Result of the General meeting held on the 30th November 2021

A quorum of 5 eligible members was established at this meeting as required by the Constitution. As a result the meeting voted in favour of adopting all 3 amendments. These amendments are contained in a previous post on our website.

The Constitution will now be updated and appear on the website in the near future.

Another reminder that entry forms for the 2022 Super Senior Pennant will commence rolling out from January17th to all 2021 Clubs. A copy of the 2022 Entry Form will also be posted on the website at the same time for any new Clubs that may wish to join us.

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All Clubs that nominated for the 2021 Super Senior Pennant plus new Clubs that have indicated they wish to play in the 2022 SSP have been sent the following: The Entry Form for the 2022 Super Senior P

The Calendar of the 2022 year for the NSWSSGA(Inc) is now posted on this site. To download your copy go to FORMS and click on the appropriate button.