Report of the Zoom meeting held 14/7/22 by the Committee

The Committee has met on Thursday 14/7/22 and has decided the following:-

(Changes to the Rules of Play are highlighted in green.)

1. The 2022 Super Senior Pennant will start on the week commencing the 25th July, with no changes to the 10 Divisional Draws.

2. Changes to the Rules of Play have been made. They are:-

Rule 5. Under the heading of Stopped for the Day.

· If ALL matches have proceeded past the 9th hole of play the result of the game will be declared based on the scores at the time of cessation.

· Where not ALL matches have passed the 9th hole of play, then those matches which have passed the 9th hole of play, shall be declared based on the scores at the time of cessation and the remaining matches shall be halved. All completed match results will stand.

3. Rule 6. Under the heading Wet Conditions, first paragraph

In the case of rain-affected games where the course is deemed playable,

but no ride-on carts are allowed, the games are to be played between the

number of players in each opposing team who can walk the course without

the use of a golf cart.

In this instance, should a team not be able to field eight players, then they

will forfeit those games.

Example 1. If Team A can field eight players and

their opposition Team B only six players, Team B will forfeit 2 matches, with

Team A gaining a 2/1 win result for those two matches as referenced in

Rule 4.

Example 2. If Team A fields seven players and Team B five

players, Team A will receive two forfeits, with the eighth match halved.

Under the heading of 6a.

“ Both team Captains and/or Team Managers are to contact the Pro Shop of

the Host Club and/or the Divisional Convenor.

Under the heading of 6c.

If the course is deemed unplayable by the Host Club and the game can’t be

reconvened then a 4 all draw will be allocated.

The key reason for the changes in Rule 6 is due to the likelihood that on some days on some courses carts will not be available. This reinforces the reason why we allow you to pick 15 players in your team even though only 8 are required to play on any given round. If 18 holes are not in play at a host club on the day that it hosts then we ask that these host clubs configure a full 18 holes even if it means playing the same 9 holes twice.

4. We urge you to read and take notice of the changes to the Rules of Play and

any further updates will be posted on our website. These new rules will be added to the

current Rules of Play in the next few days.

On behalf of the Committee

Martin Gallagher



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