Now that the DRAWS have been posted....

Some timely advice for all participating teams, especially our 12 new Clubs which we warmly welcome into the fray.

  1. Make sure all your players are familiar with the Rules of Play, found under RULES. Not only do the Rules of Golf apply in the Pennant but over the years we have developed our own set of Rules, peculiar to our Pennant, the aim of which is to discourage slow play, and alert players what to do in the event of wet weather. As well alcohol is not permitted to be consumed by a player or his caddie during a match. Penalty is disqualification.

  2. Each Team Manager/Captain will need copies of the Game Result sheet found under FORMS for the first 7 Rounds. If your team is fortunate enough to gain a berth in the Final K.O. series, by coming 1st or 2nd in your Division, a different Game Result sheet must be used. It involves changing the order of play so that the top two players tee off first or second. Go to RESULTS to look at previous K.O. series.

  3. To establish were you are placed in your Division as the Pennant progresses through the Rounds go to RESULTS, click on 2022 Division Result Sheet.

  4. If your Club is the Host club for a Round it is your responsibility to scan the Game Result Sheet using a scanner and send to the Captain by E mail. Photos taken by mobile phones will not be accepted and promptly returned. We ask that you use a pdf. format, not a jpeg.

  5. The result of matches in a game will be confirmed once the GRS has been checked for handicaps and after any dispute is investigated by the Committee. Only after this procedure will the result be posted on our website, with the result being declared valid.

On behalf of the Committee

Martin Gallagher


On behalf of the Committee

N.S.W. Super Senior Golf Association (Inc)

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