Changes to our Operation Rules

The Committee has spent a considerable amount of time reviewing Rules of Play, Conditions of Entry, Convenors' and Host Club Duties over the last 2 months. These reviews have been the result of situations that needed our attention in the 2020 Pennant in order for the 2021 Pennant to maintain its' integrity. The Rules of Play and some of the other 3 documents which are now posted, will have two versions present on our site; They are:

  1. A version called "Alterations to the Rules of Play in 2021" which has the deleted sections in RED and the revised sections in GREEN. The remainder of the Rules that have not been changed are in BLACK.

  2. Another version called "Old Rules deleted to the Rules of Play in 2021". This version has only the revised sections in GREEN and the remainder in BLACK.

We hope this helps those players from last year understand the changes made for the better. All 4 documents will revert to an all black format after the 30th April 2021.

2020 was a year in which our Pennant was one of very few that completed their program before the end of the year and we thank those players who participated.

Entries for this year have exceeded expectations. Currently we have over 60 teams who have entered, with 6 new Clubs. 2021 will prove to be a challenging and busy year for your Committee and we ask that you all read the revised Rules of Play plus the other items mentioned above.

Finally please address any future correspondence to the Captain.

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